EdTechWeekly #184

February 20, 2011
Show Time: http://bit.ly/gjP9Y3

Regular hosts: Dave Cormier, Jennifer Maddrell, and Jeff Lebow
Special guest-host: Kristian Still PE teacher, then ICT teacher and now ENglish teacher. Edtech enthusiast.

Use technology to help teach a new subject.

Next terms work:

Yr7 - (11yr olds) Cluedo

Decoder Ring Theatre – Home
Taditional radio programming - mysteries
bookr :: pimpampum
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Yr10 (14) - Conflict Poetry

Create Your Own Free Word Search
Can paste into Moodle vs Moodle Cryptex.

Smiley tweet by Pimpampum
Put words into context using twitter – if it is not blocked of course.

  • Yr11 (15) An Assessment of the Horror Genre: Jaws

Current interest - FLIPPED lessons.

This week's topics of conversation:

Dave's Links: http://purposed.org.uk/archives/ what do YOU think is the purpose of education? Also... what are the limits of good manners for spreading word about a project.

Jen's Links: Teacher Protests in Wisconsin ... hard to find, but here are a few articles that attempt to explain the situation and positions vs grind opinions on the topic:

Jeff's Links:

Kristian's Links: