EdTechWeekly #169

September 26, 2010

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen
Guest hosts: Camilla Elliott ... About our guest host

This Week's Menu:

  • Jen's Link: There is NO way Jen can pass up speaking with our guest host about e-books in education!!! Here is a post Camilla recently made on her blog ( http://edubeacon.com/ ) sharing a discussion on the topic of e-books see -> http://edubeacon.com/?p=418 Questions for Camilla ... Where are we now vs where should / could we be with regard to e-books and e-publications in education? Are we near an e-publication vs print tipping point? What are the primary road blocks to e-distribution of library content (copyright? DRM / distribution rights? hardware?) Is there a e-delivery model you see as most viable?

  • Camilla Elliott: Google Earth is a powerful tool for learning that provides a level of perspective to learning. Google Lit Trips developed by Jerome Burg and Google Lit Expeditions by Thomas Cooper are two sites that extend the use of Google Earth. A page of resources to support the use of these tools is available on my Linking for Learning wiki.
    For schools where GE is a problem, Dr Alice Christie has created Google Treksusing the simpler Google Maps which offers options for learning across the curriculum from Kindergarten to Adult.
    Attention is also drawn to the British Youth of Today project: Plugged in, untapped: using digital technologies to help young people learn to lead. This is a project dedicated to enabling and inspiring young people to lead positive social change.
    Resources for Victorian students and educators is accessible to all - FUSE portal - content is growing rapidly.

  • Next week's guest: Elizabeth Helfant, Instructional Technologist with Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School